Welcome to Gold Standard Banking

Gold Standard Bank is a revolutionary, blockchain-based and gold-covered World´s first Crypto Bank. Through the Gold Standard Banking World ecosystem and our KBC coin, we offer the advantages of a fully-integrated banking & finance system that meets all needs of the cryptocurrency community, including....

  • Value-stable coins with gold as security
  • Protection against inflation and unclear governments and economies
  • The ability to trade coins in the Gold Standard Bank Ecosystem right now
  • Acceptance of coins by numerous individuals and industries
  • You can use your coins in Gold Standard Bank Ecosystem right now
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Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is the driver of fin-tech companies. The spoils of digitisation are to be made available for financial transactions.

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The World is Changing Fast

The old world is dying and the new dawn is coming. It is a time of turmoil and crisis but also a time of great opportunities. Today you can step forward and conquer the world, shoulder to shoulder with the Gold Standard Bank.