Pennies to Ounces of Gold!

Today Gold is valued in currency at around $38 per gram (or $1200 per Oz). For most ordinary people, owning substantial, life changing amounts of Gold has been out of reach even if they do see the need to shore up some wealth.

Here we explain a way to position for pennies using the latest Blockchain driven entry points and as Karatbars works to establish itself, with the ability to "digitally" liquidate 999.99 pure Gold Bullion....

  • Work to protect your wealth from changes in the fiat economy
  • Leverage Packages to take ownership of bonus coins 
  • Position in the coins today in lieu of each coin becoming worth 0.1g of gold
  • Access the KBC coin AND the KCB coin to stake a position in the entire system
  • Realise actual Gold ownership through the blockchain 

Accumulate Physical Gold YOU Hold....

Saving and Securing REAL 999.99 Gold Bullion each Week/Month is as important as you accumulating Gold through the Karatgold Coin.... here is how to follow Rule#1 in Wealth Building - SAVE!

Paying yourself FIRST is an important factor in creating long term Wealth. Doing this in Gold also provides you security from fiat economy fluctuations and inflation

  • Pay yourself first
  • Accumulate weekly/monthly
  • Secure part of your wealth in 999.99 bank grade gold bullion
  • Secure Assets in YOUR OWN possession away from the Banks
  • Create inflation proof, long term asset wealth